Kitchen Remodel Testimonials


Dan Donnell

4 years ago
I have known Chuck on a personally and business level for over a decade! His integrity, sincerity and skill level is beyond compare! I entrusted all of my home cabinetry needs to him my last remodel 5 years ago and am still complimenting him for a job well done, they are as beautiful today as they were the day he installed them!
Anyone can fill a space with wood boxes…It take someone with all the talents Chuck possess to provide a long term, beautiful solution to storage needs! His creative approach to design challenges have weathered the test of time and are daily enjoyed by by both my wife and me!
Thanks Chuck!


R.J. Lowery

4 years ago
If you are looking to have custom wood cabinets, kitchen cabinets, or entertainment centers etc. the Zang Company is who you should call first. Honest, professional, and reasonably-priced…have not typically been the words that came to my mind when I’ve dealt with other “contractors” in the past. Chuck, however, is as classy a guy as you’ll find in his industry. I strongly recommend him and the Zang Company.


Angela Robley

4 years ago
A great, honest and talented guy to work with. I would recommend him and his work to my family members and friends!


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