Charles Zang


Meet Charles Zang and why he is the right choice for your next home or commercial remodel.

Charle’s has 30 years of remodeling (kitchens, baths, offices, etc.) and comes from many generations of craftsmen. His heritage is that of well known woodcarvers that dates back to the early 19th century in Alsace Lorraine, Germany. This heritage of craftsmen took great pride in their work. Their customers came to rely on that high quality then and Charles’ customers rely on that same sense of high quality craftsmanship today. The Zang Company will design and build your custom project with pride and a attention to the finest detail.

In 1990 the Zang Company was established by Charles Zang. Prior to starting the company Charles worked at the Upperman Company. While working there he received Craftsman Of The Year Award for his work on exclusive law firms in downtown Columbus. Demand for his work grew and soon Charles was getting noticed more and more for his craftsmanship. New projects came, projects such as: libraries, home offices, entertainment centers, kitchens, baths and even furniture. Charles went on to meet some of the best interior designers in the Columbus area and together they were able to create some of the most beautiful masterpieces.


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